Meet the Team

We are True Fast Food, your one stop food blog!

As fellow food lovers and admirers of things that are delicious, our goal is to share our love for food with the rest of the world. From restaurant reviews and secret menus to mouth-watering dishes and snacks, we aspire to make the eating experience more enjoyable for everyone!

Meet the brilliant, hungry minds that brought you True Fast Food!

Braydon Wilson

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Meet Braydon Wilson.

Braydon is the head food critic here at True Fast Food. He uses his lightning fast metabolism to his advantage, eating everything edible in sight. Braydon likes a challenge, and never backs down when given a chance to show off his eating skills. Displaying his dominance in the food world, Braydon prefers to eat foods that no ordinary foodie will dare to devour.

You can read his interview here.

Trey Owens

Trey Owens
You can view Trey’s satisfying list of food recipes here.

This is Trey Owens.

Trey Owens is the head chef at True Fast Food. Trey is a very experienced chef for his age, bringing life to all foods he crafts. From dishes with ties to ancient history, to the comfort foods and fine cuisine of today, Trey knows exactly what to bring to the table to make a meal memorable. He also plays the role of a food critic when he needs to, bringing his food knowledge with him as he cleans his plate.

You can read Trey’s interview here.

Kane Edwards

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Meet Kane Edwards.

As founder, writer, and lead designer of True Fast Food, Kane boasts astonishing bragging rights of what he has achieved so far since founding the team at True Fast Food. As a fellow food lover, beginner chef, and aspiring writer, Kane tags along in the adventures of Braydon and Trey to document every delicious piece of information he can about all things food.