Subway Pizza VS Pizza Hut (Food Death Battle)

Although more famous for their fresh sandwiches and salads, Subway offers hot personal pizzas to their customers who can not be satisfied by measly sandwiches. Although small (hence the name “personal”), Subway offers a seemingly strong pizza dish overall. With a nice thick crust and not-so-greasy toppings, Subway offers a seemingly nice and hot Subway pizza when they chow down on their sandwich.

With all the good qualities of a delicious pizza, why isn’t Subway more recognized for them? Can a pizza from Subway compete against big-time pizza franchises?

I, Kane Edwards, True Fast Food head chef, Trey Owens, and head food critic, Braydon Wilson, will be the judges of this pizza contest to determine which is going to emerge victoriously.

It’s time for a Food Death Battle!

Champion: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the leading pizza fast food restaurants in America today and is slowly becoming globally recognized as well. Famous for their made to order pizzas, they craft pizzas like no other restaurant around. From buffalo-chicken pizzas to stuffed crust extra pepperoni madness, the possibilities are seemingly endless when ordering from Pizza Hut. The restaurant also offers delicious oven-baked desserts that melt in your mouth, as well as breadsticks that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Challenger: Subway

Known for their submarine sandwiches and salads, Subway is relatively new to the pizza scene compared to its opponent. In January of 2007, the sandwich shop started selling nice hot pizzas to busy customers everywhere. Although lacking variety compared to Pizza Hut, Subway’s pizzas are healthier and, at times, satisfying and delicious.

Pre-Fight (Preparation)

First stop: Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut will require time to prepare and cook our pizza, so we decided to order there and return back after our short trip to Subway. After much discussion and debate, our trio eventually decided on a medium cheese pizza with no toppings. We told the poor cashier our name was “Terryl, with a ‘p’ like ‘pterodactyl'”. Whether or not our name was spelled correctly, we never found out. It was time to go to our next stop.

The line at our local Subway was a little long, so we had a few much needed minutes to decide what pizza we were gonna get. Lacking variety, we didn’t have much to debate about. To increase the fairness of the food battle, we ordered a single cheese pizza with extra cheese to match the qualities of Pizza Hut. Our lucky Subway employee walked to around a corner for just a quick second, then returned with our signature Subway pizza. The pizza was frozen, covered up tightly in plastic wrap which needed to be cut off with a pointy knife. The extra cheese was added, and our pizza was placed into a baking oven for several minutes. Eventually, our pizza arrived, and it looked absolutely delicious. Our pizza was paid for, and we left promptly to pick up our Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut was already finished with our single cheese pizza, which was prepared and baked sooner than expected. Without wasting any precious time, we snagged our box of cheese goodness and thanked the worker inside.

Fight! (Taste Test)

True Fast Food sat down with our pizzas in our locally famous Taco Bell, which has been the eating site for a couple special feasts and reviews (you read about the dreaded Flashbang soft tacos eaten in our Taco Bell here.) We sat down at a booth with our warm boxes of pizza, hungry for the cheesy contents within.

First Impressions

When we first gazed upon the beauty of Subway’s pizza, we were… Well… Shocked.


The cheese stretched beautifully as we pulled apart each mouthwatering slice of Subway pizza. The crust looked soft, the parmesan sprinkled on top made it appear more appetizing, and the steam rising from it made this pizza look completely eatable.

Then there’s Pizza Hut.


Although much thinner and not as fluffy as the Subway pizza, Pizza Hut still offered a great pizza with a great look and personality. With its greasy top, cheesy cheese, and delicious smelling aroma, Pizza Hut delivered a beautiful pizza for three beautiful (and hungry) men.

Taste Test

The first pizza we decided to bite into was the Subway extra cheese pizza. We each grabbed a slice, touched tips, said “Cheers!”, and took a big bite.

And boy were we let down.

The doughy crust was bland, the cheese had little flavor, and… Is there even any sauce on this pizza? Going from frozen solid to heated up in an oven for a couple minutes didn’t help with the texture of the pizza either: it was soggy and sad.

“I can tell you what this pizza reminds me of…” Trey said. “This pizza is like that one really pretty girl at our school. She’s really beautiful and fun to look at, but she has the worst personality. You try to talk to her and you’re just baffled at how terrible she truly is. That’s what this pizza is like.” Those words from Trey couldn’t be truer, for the Subway personal pizza just didn’t impress us like we thought it would. It left us sad, confused, and, ultimately, disappointed.

But what about the Pizza Hut cheese pizza?

With a thin but airy fluffy crust, Pizza Hut’s pizza satisfied our pizza cravings. With tasty cheese, a strong and abundant sauce, and a shiny glaze of greasy goodness, Pizza Hut was exactly what we were wanting: a good, warm, filling pizza.

Final Thoughts

We’re going to be completely honest with you here… We don’t really know what we expected from a fast food restaurant that sells submarine sandwiches. While Subway is a great option if you’re trying to eat healthier and more organic foods, they aren’t strong in the pizza game… Mainly because they aren’t known for their pizzas!

Pizza Hut, however, was built on the foundation of pizza. With limitless topping, crust, and sauce combinations, Pizza Hut is obviously on the top of the pizza chain for a very good reason.

Winner: Pizza Hut

Tell us what foods you think should battle next! If we like your idea, we might just have to try it out!


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