Froot Loops: Are They All the Same Flavor?

Being both pretty and tasty, Froot Loops are at the top of the cereal world in today’s society. The famous fruity cereal is popular among kids and poor college students for its deliciously sugary coating and satisfying crunch with each bite. With a very colorful assortment of cereal loops in each box, we can only assume that each of the six colors is a different flavor to excite our taste buds with each bite!

But all we are doing is assuming… We look at the pretty colors and assume that each color is a different flavor, that orange is different than red or green. But is this true? Are Froot Loops an exciting array of different flavors, or just sugar-coated lies sold to the public?

True Fast Food is gonna get to the bottom of this sweet mystery.

I, Kane Edwards, and True Fast Food’s head food critique, Braydon Wilson, love the mind-blowing taste of Froot Loops.

To put Froot Loops to the test, we started by eating each color individually to see if we could taste a difference. After munching on each color several times, we came to a depressing conclusion: every Froot Loop had the same delicious taste.

But Braydon had a tiny crumb of hope for the cereal. After crunching on his third yellow Froot Loop, a spark flew through the air around us. “This one tastes different!” he proclaimed proudly to the whole cafeteria.

After coming to this shocking conclusion, we decided we could move on to step two: the blindfold taste test. The rules were simple: while blindfolded, Braydon would be fed a Froot Loop. After his taste analysis, Braydon will have to guess the color of the Froot Loop given to him based off of taste alone. Will Braydon be able to taste the difference, or will he taste the same thing over and over again?

The blindfold goes on, and the tests begin.

The local newspaper is the perfect blindfold. Shout out to Evan Pepper for keeping it tight on Braydon’s face.

Braydon, surprisingly, guessed the first one correctly. “ORANGE!” he said. I nodded my head slowly. Braydon has a 17% chance of guessing correctly based off of luck alone, so it seemed that he could taste an actual difference in each color.

Unfortunately, his lucky streak of one ended tragically.

I fed him a yellow. “BLUE!” he shouted proudly.

I fed him another yellow. “GREEN!”

Another yellow. “Purple…?” he asked, less confident.

I tossed yet another yellow Froot Loop into his mouth. This time, Braydon wasn’t playing games… He chewed his Froot Loop with purpose, savoring every crunch. “I know this one…” he muttered. “Red.”

The rest of the test went by exactly like this. Braydon played the guessing game constantly when trying to figure out the color of each Froot Loop. We eventually took the blindfold off, and we came to a very, very upsetting conclusion.

Froot Loops are all the same flavor. Green is the same as red, and red is the same as blue, and vice versa.

Are Froot Loops delicious? Undoubtedly. Are they pretty to look at? Totally. Does each color contain a different unique flavor?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.


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