Hello readers, foodies, and admirers of the edible! This is the team at True Fast Food!

This post will be unlike any other we’ve posted yet. Instead of the usual food review or delicious recipe from Trey, we would like to inform our readers (you guys) what’s happening in our lives right now, as well as what we have in store for the future!

True Fast Food has their own Twitter page! Celebrate! Be sure to follow us, tweet us, and retweet your favorite articles that are to be published on there soon! You can find our page here, and there is an icon that leads to our page as well at the bottom of all our pages!

Between finals, jobs, and other important events, the team at True Fast Food has had their hands full! Posts and articles on our blog might start to be posted less often than usual, but be patient! We are still fully committed to bringing readers content to indulge into! We are busy planning a post you’re sure to sink your teeth into!

Eat Big!

True Fast Food

In memory of Alexis Weakley.

Fly high. ❤


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