Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine

Have you ever asked yourself, “What drink from Starbucks will more than likely give me a heart attack from caffeine?”

If you answered “yes” or “maybe”, this post will be the best thing you’ve ever read.

Starbucks is a coffee shop that’s globally recognized for their famous sugary drinks and coffees. Ask any girl you see walking down the street about Starbucks and their drinks. If they’re wearing fuzzy boots and wearing hipster glasses, they should know almost every drink on their menu.

But, there’s one drink they have probably never posed with for their social media accounts. A drink so diabolical and intimidating, coffee drinkers everywhere would quiver in the knees at the mention of the drink.

That drink is infamously named ‘Liquid Cocaine’.

Named appropriately, Liquid Cocaine is a four shot espresso (Yes, you read that correctly) with four pumps of white chocolate syrup, ice to fill in a grande cup.

Kane Edwards, True Fast Food’s lead writer, designer, and founder, likes his coffee every morning. Known for taking his caffiene like no other, Kane looked upon this drink with one goal: to drink this sugary, delicious, caffeinated beverage.

Kane walked through the doors of his local Starbucks, determined and ready for the strongest coffee opponent he’s faced yet. Although it was quite late at night, the coffee joint was thriving with happy workers and relaxed customers. Kane walked up to the cash register, propped himself up on one elbow, and, with as much swag as possible, ordered the sinful drink. The shocked gazes of the surprised workers stared at him in awe, but went to work on crafting the coffee.

The name was called, and Kane was handed his beautifully delicious drink.

Kane wanted his name to be ‘Nugget’. Don’t ask why.

Kane sipped on his drink happily, like a baby cow suckling on an udder. He was a happy, happy fellow.

“The coffee was very sweet, but still had that cherished coffee taste.” Kane says. “Good drink. I want more.”

Thankfully, this drink didn’t kill Kane or give him a heart attack. “I hardly felt anything.” Kane admits. “But, I do take my coffee well. I really hope whoever drinks this is responsible.”

The True Fast Food team has taken down another secret menu item. What will they decide to test next?


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  1. Allen says:

    Great article!


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