How to Have Fun in the Kitchen

To some, cooking delicious foods is a cherished  pastime. For others, the kitchen might be a place of dread. The people here at True Fast Food believe that cooking should be something to look forward to! So, to increase smiles on people’s faces, we have made a small list of things to do when in the kitchen!

Sing a Song to the Food  You’re Cooking

Yes, singing a song to your pasta can make the experience more enjoyable. Whether it’s your favorite song or an improvised song you just made up, singing to your food can be an immediate mood booster in the kitchen.


This step is best combined with step one. Wiggle your hips, wave those arms, move your feet while cooking! You’d be surprised at how good of a dancer you are with a food audience! (Just be careful when dancing around stoves, ovens, and other hot spaces. Being scalded is neither good nor fun.)

Invite Someone You Care About to Join You 

They say the more the merrier. This is especially true in the kitchen! Invite a friend, family member, or another significant other to the chopping block with you! Have a cook off, try different spices, and decorate your savory dish with your partner for an unforgettable (and hopefully enjoyable) experience!

Try  Something Different

Baked chicken? Again? Put that chicken breast down, and try something new! Wipe the dust off that old cookbook your family member gave you! You’ll be amazed at the delicious meals you can find inside!

(Don’t own a cookbook? Check out our delicious meals at Trey’s Kitchen)
Happy cooking everybody! 🙂


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