The McCrepe: McDonald’s Secret Menu

As many fast food lovers know, McDonald’s has a very vast and delicious secret menu. Today, True Fast Food decides to try a sweet treat found on the secret menu: the McCrepe.

The McCrepe is a McDonald’s signature hotcake with a twist: fruit parfait. Spreading the fruit yogurt on the fluffy hotcake will create a delicious breakfast or a tasty dessert for someone who craves a sweet treat. To order this creamy yet fluffy food, you need to go to your local McDonald’s. Politely order a hotcake with fruit parfait. Overall, this will cost around $6. You must create the McCrepe yourself, adding fruits, granola, and syrup to your crepe as you desire. There is no right or wrong way to make this treat. Once you assemble the McCrepe, it’s time to eat the fluffy fruity goodness.

The McCrepe was quite dainty. The warm, fluffy outside complimented the cool, creamy inside very well. Our McCrepe was buttered and had a light syrup drizzle on top of it. If desired, one can roll it up into a hotcake burrito for eating on the go.


What secret menu food will the True Fast Food team chow down into next?


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