The Monster Mac: McDonald’s Secret Menu

McDonald’s has a very popular secret menu that has been shared and passed on by fast foodies everywhere. The crew here at True Fast Food wanted to tackle one of the biggest burgers available on their menu: the Monster Mac.

To order this monstrous burger, simply walk into your local McDonald’s and order a Big Mac. Politely, but firmly, ask for eight beef patties on your burger. You will get shocked looks from your cashier (and more than likely, everybody around you), but the reactions from others will only make ordering this burger more memorable. If you’re a cheese person, ask for cheese as well. However, the extra patties and extra cheese will cost you extra. In all, the Monster Mac will cost you around $10 (plus tax, and extra for cheese you order as well, so the prices will vary from one person to another). The end result will be the Monster Mac: a bigger, badder, meatier sibling of the popular Big Mac sold at the fast food chain McDonald’s. The man-burger is made up of eight beef patties, layers of Big Mac Sauce, four pieces of cheese, and a few pieces of lettuce.

While me and Trey’s knees quivered at the sight of the monstrous stack of meat, Braydon Wilson, True Fast Food’s head food critic, decided this burger was no match for his appetite. Braydon sat down, placed both hands upon the burger, and took a deep breath. He then chowed down, eating at his usual pace (which just so happens to be very, VERY fast). The eight patty burger was eaten in just under seven minutes, which I feel could be a world record for such a phenomenal burger.

“The Monster Mac was, surprisingly, not dry at all.” says Braydon. “There was plenty of Big Mac sauce to keep the burger saucy enough throughout the whole eating session.” Despite these words, Braydon still decided to pour a bit of tartar sauce in between a few patties to add flavor to the meaty burger. “I was very, very satisfied with this burger. I would definitely eat it again and again.” laughs Braydon.

The Monster Mac proved to be just another hamburger to Braydon. What mega food will step up to the plate next? Will any food ever be able to beat Braydon and his mega appetite?

Only time will tell…

Moments like these only remind us how amazing Braydon is.


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