Meet Our Head Chef

Meet Trey Owens.

Trey Owens is our head chef here at True Fast Food. Not only does he create unique dishes and meals, but he also loves to express himself and make others smile. Trey can bring any food from any region to the table, satisfying his guests and leaving them full and content. Recently, I interviewed Trey to learn more about his passion about cooking, his beliefs on food, and why he started crafting unique dishes.

Why did you start cooking?

I was first interested in cooking when I watched my mom and grandmother cook dishes for me and my family. I loved the delicious foods they would make for me, and I decided to try it out on my own one day. I decided I wanted to bring people happiness in my cooking, and I took it more seriously as I grew older. Now, cooking is still a huge part of my life.

Do you remember the first thing you cooked?

I do, it was eggs. I made them for a family reunion. I had to cook over forty just to feed everyone. It was awesome.

What makes a good meal?

A good meal requires so many components that it can interact with the taste of the food as a whole. There needs to be so many components and key factors that make the meal better for it to be considered good.

Why do you think pizza companies put round pizzas in square boxes?

I have two theories: square ones are cheaper to make, and the shapes give the brain a bit of excitement. (I stare at him dumbfounded for a few seconds. He sighs.) You have a circular pizza, cut into triangular slices, inside a square box. That sounds very fun and pleasing to look at, doesn’t it? Three different shapes on one food… Am I making sense? At all?

The True Fast Food team welcomes Trey and his amazing cooking abilities. We anticipate having such a charismatic and interesting chef on our squad.


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